I always wish I could be a "Pinterest" kind of mom.  The cute ideas and crafts...whimsical treats and snacks.  I often wonder who has time for it all. 
    Take for instance, yesterday.  I sent our kindergartener to school without his lunch.  Seriously...no lunch.  I packed it and it was sitting by the door alright, we just happened to run right by it in the midst of our crazy, bonkers non-Pinterest kind of typical morning.  His teacher (who is AWESOME) made sure that he got an ordered lunch, but as you can tell, I don't aspire to have cute cut-out "Pinterest" sandwiches or snacks.  I just hope they have food. 
    With that being said, I saw a fun idea on Pinterest for Groundhog's Day that I think the kids would love.  If I'm brave enough, I'll give it a try in the morning even though I know it will never turn out like the picture...
     Regardless of the fact that mine would end up looking like a doughnut hole on a pancake, at least they'll get their meal.    
        Thank you Pinterest and Happy Groundhog's Day!
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02/02/2014 4:52pm

So cute! My daughter would definitely love this on her pancakes. I might do something like it tomorrow morning.


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