I wash my hands about a million times a day.  I'm a mom trying to cut down on germs, but I'm also a therapist and I wash my hands between patients all day at work.
   My hands become so dry and chapped that they bleed sometimes.  It only gets worse during the winter. 
    During my annual check up at the Dermatologist, she took one look at my skin and dropped her jaw.  "Why are you so dry?  What's going on?" 
    Scratching my itchy arm I shrugged my shoulders with an "I dunno" kind of stare. 
    She asked what kind of soap and moisturizer I used, then she cringed when I told her the type and added, "I like them because they smell pretty". 
     Shaking her head, she told me that I had to use a certain kind of soap and lotion, especially during the winter.  I didn't really know if it would make a difference, but wow. 
              Here is the soap she had me try...
                    And here's the lotion...
     If you have dry skin during this cold harsh winter too, they might be worth a try. 
      You can also keep repeating to yourself, "Spring is coming, Spring is coming, Spring is coming..." 
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02/07/2014 11:00am

Wonderful information! Thanks so much! I shall use both of them.
Everyone loves soft hands.

02/15/2014 1:58pm

Will have to try this out my hands get so dry from work


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