In life, you're pretty much going to come across two different types of friends. 
     1. Friends who want the best for you - and -
     2. Friends who want the best for long as they still have it better. 
    If you've had friends in the second category, you know exactly who I'm talking about.  These friends can bring you down and act as a toxin in your life.
    The friends in the first category however, can mean everything in the world to you.  Everyone needs "that" friend or group of friends who know everything about you and love you anyway.  The friends who've been there through thick and thin and who know your sentences before get the idea.
     The best example I can give of this type of person, is one of my best friends, Amy.  We met when we were freshmen in college and then become roommates through graduate school. 
     She's the kind of friend you can call at 11:00 at night, not because there's something wrong...but just because you're awake. 
     I called Amy last week ranting and raving about how tired I was and how everything from work, to meetings, the kids, running was all driving me crazy.  She listened and was there.  No judgement, no cynicism...just acceptance, like true friends do.  

     When we hung up, she sent a text that said to relax and take a break.  She even wrote to sit and read a magazine which made me smile remembering the days when we could do that with our free time.
      Suddenly, out of nowhere, the doorbell rang.  I went to see who it was and was shocked at the sight of a person with enough pizza for the whole family.  Amy had ordered the pizza, but she and her family live in Ohio.  We're in North Carolina. 
      The delivery person of course thought I was crazy as I started to cry, but it hit me so hard at how the thoughtfulness and kindness of a true friend...a real friend...can make such an impact on your life.
      So Thank You to the moon and back Amy.  You epitomize what a Best Friend should be.  Life would never be the same without you.     

In Ohio for Amy's wedding, 2006 with Christian (3) and Ethan (1).
     To every other true friend out there, keep loving one another and being there for each other, like best friends do.   
      To my best friends Amy, Tricia, Sissy, AMY B., Kristie, Bobbi, Pammy, T-Bop and Marti.  The world will forever be a better place because of you.  
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lisa v
02/27/2014 4:24pm

It's great to have a friend like Amy.

02/27/2014 9:02pm

I just lost a friend 6 months ago that was just like that. Cherish your fiends and don't let life get in the way of keeping in touch. I long to talk to my best friend. I know I will again some day. Thanks for the blog/ I love your wit

02/28/2014 7:34am

Everyone needs an "Amy" in his/her life (mine is named Holly! :) ) Thank you for sharing this...what a great way to start my Friday!

03/08/2014 8:08am

We all need friends and I do believe that life without friends can be dull and boring. I recently got in contact with one of my past friends and we both discovered that we are very supportive of social entrepreneurs. She sent me health bars made from Nouri, a buy one give one brands and she told me that each snack bar she bought for me will give one meal for one child in an impoverished nation. As a parent, this made me truly happy.


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