A friend once told me how she went outside to plant some flowers.  She was so happy that her little boy stayed in the house and was wonderfully good and quiet.  Little did she know that he had opened all of the cabinet doors in the kitchen and climbed up to the sink.  He turned on the spay hose and completely soaked every single shelf.  The water of course, ran down to the floor causing such incredible water damage, that they had to replace everything.  
    To hear her describe how she found him in the kitchen and began screaming, amazed me to learn how it genuinely surprised the little boy.  She said that he just sat there holding the sprayer in the air (still running) and said, "I did it for you Mommy!  You always say how you hate to wash the dishes - and now you don't have to!"    
    As a parent, you know that anything is possible when it comes to your kids.  Everyone knows that wonderful feeling of a quiet house when it's met with that horrible realization of the same quietness.  You know when it's time to tune into your Batman senses and begin to listen...which usually doesn't bode well.
    I thought I would NEVER have a child who would do something like soak an entire kitchen - and I didn't. 
    I had four.  
    It began as early as when Lauren was a newborn.  I was upstairs feeding her, smiling to myself as all three boys played downstairs quietly.  Sure there was an occasional giggle but I couldn't help but pat myself on the proverbial back at having it all figured out.  The three boys were downstairs under control and I was with our new baby girl.  What could be better? 
    When I put her in her crib and went down to check on them, my first step onto the floor was met with a my sock becoming soaked with water.  It was everywhere.  The boys had pushed the water lever from the refrigerator door dispenser until it flooded the whole kitchen.  They were stripped down to nothing and sliding across the floor. 
    When they saw my reaction, it was honestly as though they realized for the first time that they had done something wrong.  They were a five, three and one year old at the time - and all three of their little faces pleaded, "Mommy, don't be mad!  We wanted to make a waterslide!  Try it, it's fun!"
    There was also the time I was upstairs and all four were quietly playing downstairs.  It always seems that when you least expect it - and think everything's under control - that's when the best of the worst happens. 
    The four kids found a big bag of flour.  They thought it would be fantastic to shake it ALL over the downstairs, making what else?...a winter wonderland.  They made snow angels, had snowball fights...on and on.  When I tried to clean it, it made it worse.  Have you ever added water to flour?  
    The stories are endless and the memories are as infuriating as they are priceless.  From crayons and marker Picasos on the doors and walls, to self made haircuts in the bathroom...I have learned only this...silence is in fact golden...unless you have kids. 
Lauren Elizabeth's self made haircut when she was two years old. (I was making macaroni and cheese)
Let it Snow!
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02/19/2014 11:46am

He sprayed the house so she wouldn't have to wash dishes?! That is ADORABLE! Can't wait until my little guy is born :)

02/22/2014 3:09pm

CONGRATULATIONS CAROL!!! I can't wait until your little guy is born too!!! May your home be filled with love and laughter...and not so much water. : ) Love your site! Thanks for writing! XOXO

02/23/2014 12:44pm

Thanks for the laugh. Such a sweet kid trying to help his mom

02/26/2014 11:29pm

Thanks for writing Stephanie! You have an AWESOME blog! I can't wait to read more!

02/28/2014 2:32am

Good blog posting!! A companion once let me know how she headed off outside to plant a few blooms. She was happy to the point that her son stayed in the house and was grandly great and calm. Little did she realize that he had opened the sum of the cupboard entryways in the kitchen and scaled to the sink.


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