If you have kids and they like Legos, then you've probably been bombarded for the past three weeks to go see the Lego movie.  
    Our boys have literally screamed every time the commercial has been on TV while I've shot my husband that "look".  You know, the one that says, "I REALLY don't want to see this". 
    It actually felt like we lost brain cells when the commercial came on and I couldn't get that SONG out of my head..."Everything is AWESOME!" 
    Needless to say, the kids gathered with a crew of their friends and the buzz was tangible.  We parents watched while waves were turned away soon after we arrived.  The woman at the ticket office said that every time slot had been sold out.  WHAT?! 
    Filing into our seats, I prepared myself for an hour and something of obnoxiousness. 
    I was happily mistaken.  
    We parents found ourselves laughing as much as (if not more than) the kids.  The plot was well thought out and when it all came together...well...if you haven't seen it yet, I won't give anything away.  Let's just say, I was pleasantly surprised at how they pulled it all through. 
    Leaving the theatre, yes, I had that annoying song in my head and even as I write, "Eeeeeeeverything is AWESOOOOME" is dancing through my brain.
   I'm glad we saw it though.  I'm glad that the kids had a ball.  I know it will be about a minute from now when they wouldn't dream of having their parents watch a movie with them and their friends.  (The horror.)
   So, the next time I pick up a four inch little box of Legos for $29.99 at the store and want to curse the Lego gods of marketing and sales...I will try to remember the joy that it all brings to their childhood.  
   I'm glad we saw the movie and even more happy to have shared that time with them.  It really was in fact...Awesome.    
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02/10/2014 12:07pm

Such fun!!! Memories are made of this, right?!


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