My husband Adam had a few minutes to grab lunch.  He went to a drive-thru and ordered, but then got stuck behind a line of cars.  They were moving slowly until the car in front of him came to a complete stop altogether. 
    As his frustration grew, Adam thought about pulling around and leaving.  He became even more angry as the older couple in the car in front of him stuck their heads out of their windows to turn back and look at him.  Two employees of the fast food place stretched their heads out of their window too.
    Adam had no idea what was going on but he continued to stay, because he'd already placed his order.  As his impatience grew however, he finally decided to pull away. 
    Suddenly, the car in front of him drove off, redirecting Adam to keep in line.  
    As Adam pulled forward with his window rolled down, he was beyond ready to grab his food and get going.  
    He held his card out as the young employee handed his food and drink through the window. 
.    The employee was chipper, saying, "Here you go Sir.  Have a great day!" 
    Taking his food, Adam continued to hold his card out.  The employee smiled, "Oh, that won't be necessary Sir.  The car in front of you paid for your food and for the people behind you too.  Have a good day!"   
     Nothing like that had ever happened to him.  Sure he's heard of it happening, but it's always been to someone else.
     He tried to take off, looking everywhere for the people who paid, but they were gone.  Completely disappeared. 
     Later, he called me in disbelief.  "It was the coolest thing."  He said.  "I was furious that everybody was taking so long, and then that happened."  He went on to say how it was a good reminder to never assume.
    When you think that something's in your way, or keeping you from what you just might be for your own good and you don't even know it yet. 
    To the people in front of Adam today, whoever you are, Thank You.  That was such a wonderful thing to do.  We'll be sure to return the favor the next time we're out.
     I can only hope the people behind us will be as surprised and grateful as we were, and that's all because of you. 
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08/01/2014 5:01pm

This has happened to me before at Starbucks. I was told you are supposed to pay it forward, and I have a couple of times since that day. I always wait an extra second to see the person behind me smile as they are told they don't have to pay. :)

08/03/2014 8:56pm

That's so cool Nadine! The next time we're in a fast food line we're going to do it for the people behind us. It's such a neat way to make someone's day. I hope you're doing Great!!! XOXO

08/03/2014 11:08pm

That's awesome! I love stories like that! Makes me know that this world can still be such a good place!

08/27/2014 3:00pm

who may or may not be recalling facts or embellishing the story.

08/10/2014 1:58pm

Patience and having faith is the key to success. You cannot imagine what is going to happen next. Life and people always manages to have a way surprises us with. Your husband was really surprised but it gave him happiness so believe in surprises always.

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