What IS it with the toilet paper?  Why will nobody change it?  With six people in our house, it runs out quickly.  I'm not even kidding when I say this though...if I didn't change it, there would be a permanent roll sitting on the bathroom floor.
     I try to tell my husband and kids, "If it's out, replace it with a new one."  Nope.  It never happens.  I've literally gone into our bathroom to see an empty roll with a new one sitting on TOP of it.  I swear I heard my husband laugh from the other room.     
     Our five year old daughter will change it every once in a while but she usually puts it on upside down.
     This actually led to a survey question on our facebook page...
Do you face your toilet paper roll up or down and why?  The responses were quite funny:
      Erin L. wrote:  
Over so the dogs can't get it and pull it all over the place.
      Julianna M. wrote:  I grew up with it under, and that's the best way to avoid kitty paws and little kids strewing it everywhere.... However.... In the interest of marital harmony, I have begrudgingly trained myself to place it over. I hate it over. Passionately. But it's not worth fighting about, and I have some MUCH larger battles... 
Jamie M. wrote:  Over....no other way. I have even changed it in other places....like at my parents' house.
      Stephanie B. wrote:  In this house, definitely under. Why? If we didn't it would all end up on the floor from curious little hands of things 1 and 2.
      Mary Ann B. wrote:  Do you mean over or under? I place it to roll over. Why? Because that's the right way. ;) My family on the other hand just places the new roll on top of the empty roll if they even bother to get out a new roll.
     ...and my husband's personal favorite...
     Craig W. wrote:  I put it the exact opposite of what it was......this way if my wife had it the way she wanted...she'll be like "WTF happened to the roll" hehe       
      At this point I don't care which way it goes, as long as it's on.  It might be a long time from now until that day comes, but until then, a girl can dream...  

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07/29/2014 11:28pm

Hilarious! There are some of us who are old enough to remember that some toilet paper used to come in pastel colors. The pastel side had to roll OVER the top in order to see it, so I suppose that is the way the manufacturers want it to go. Love your blog!

07/31/2014 10:11am

Over of course!!! And I have been known to change the position in homes right away so it will be ready to roll when I need it is. I hate going in public rest rooms and can never get the stupid TP to unroll because it is so thin and underneath the holder. Anyone else have this frustration?

08/27/2014 3:00pm

who may or may not be recalling facts or embellishing the story.

07/31/2014 8:13pm

We have the same issue in our house. With that said, I am part of the problem :) chasing after two-year-old twin girls has left me cutting corners in some areas and replacing the toilet paper is one of them. Hah.

10/24/2014 12:36pm

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