I've spent the last two hours with busy work, getting ready for the first day of school.  There's so much to do.  Backpacks, forms, lunches, ironed clothes...my mind keeps racing with the wonder of anything we've forgotten. 
     Then, my five year old Lauren Elizabeth, approached.
     "Mommy?  What will kindergarten be like?"
     "What baby?"
     "What will it be like?  What will I do?"
"Well, you'll get to meet lots of new friends...and play...and learn so many fun things."
     Feeling my throat tighten a little, it was hard not to think back just five short years ago when our first born son Christian, was getting ready for this day too.
    Lauren Elizabeth was just a few months old when Christian marched in with his backpack, and the very same Kindergarten teacher that will greet us tomorrow, welcomed Christian and held Lauren as a baby, way back when. 

     But tomorrow...tomorrow it will be Lauren who'll be skipping in with her pink polka-dot backpack instead.  My heart will go with her, while the disbelief that the day has arrived will do nothing less than overwhelm me. 
     Her three big brothers will be right with her which gives me comfort...and the same wonderful and amazing kindergarten teacher that held her not so long ago, will now welcome her as a student. 
      Yes, my mind keeps racing with questions of anything we may have forgotten - but more than that - it spins with the hope of wanting nothing more than to remember this time...so that I'll keep it in my heart forever. 
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08/18/2014 2:56am

The article is very helpful, thank you very much

08/18/2014 12:28pm

You think this is something ( and it is )... just wait until you are driving off the University campus after getting her settled in her dorm! Enjoy every year - they fly by so quickly!

08/27/2014 3:01pm

Hi, hopefully success always

Stacy Murphy
08/18/2014 10:14pm

Love your blog Bea! Love your enthusiasm for kindergarten--I personally love teaching the littles most of all! But my mind keeps going back to your first paragraph---ironing??? Oh my! You go girlie!! Love you so much!

08/19/2014 12:02am

Love this! Every year...somehow we mommy's survive...that first day...goodbyes...jitters...letting go...watching them grow is a beautiful thing! Thanks for sharing!

10/27/2014 2:24pm

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